"ayumi" is my name, but it has meaning of history in Japanese.


Every moments become the past, it means you make your own history, then it makes yourself.

I will continue with my favorite jobs to make my history.

I'm a freelance embroidery and makeup artist, and I've dreamed of sharing my artistic creations around the world.

In 2015, my dream became a reality when I launched my first only embroidery brand "ayumi".

I hope that through my brand of embroidery and cosmetic that I will be able to spread happiness and joy,

not only to my home country, but to countries all over the world.

I take great pride and joy in my products and would love to share that joy with you!




 2004 Started my career of a freelance makeup artist
 2011 Started my career of a freelance embroidery artist
 2015 Started own brand "ayumi"

 // Exhibition //

  2016-2017 群繍 in Japan (Tokyo, Mie, Kobe)
  2018 Gunshu in Los Angeles
  2018-2019 Flowers in Morning light in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Mie)

 // Event //

  2017 the Arcade Japan in New York
  2019 星と太陽のサーカス in Japan (Kyoto)