About "ayumi"

"ayumi" is my name, but it has meaning of history in Japanese.

My art is a reflection of myself. When I create my flowers, I do so with the hope of bringing a moment of happiness to others. Because my flowers will not wilt, I hope that that happiness will remain each time the flower is worn or looked upon in remembering that it was a special item made with love and care. My hope is that the receiver will pass on my flowers to other members of their family to inherit. Embroidery in Japan is a way to preserve an item. Since ancient times, embroidery has been a method used to reinforce and mend fabric in order to pass on the item into the future. In this sense, we connect the past through mending this relationship of cloth.

Through these flowers, my wish is for them is to remain a connection between the past owner and those not yet born, like flowers not yet bloomed. I want the next generation to remember their family like the roots of a large tree, grounding the young leaves to the earth.

Each of my flowers is carefully created with respect to the language of flowers. I want my customers to have each of my creations hold a special meaning in this language. I try to incorporate meaning into everything I create, including the packaging of my items. For example, the pattern used on the card, which my earrings arrive upon, is called ‘jyujihanazashi,’ a traditional design, which means ‘to satisfy’ because it is my hope that my creations will satisfy and bring happiness to the wearer.

When I am asked about where I find my inspiration, I have to answer that I find it everywhere; even in unexpected places. There is no replicating the beauty of nature; nonetheless, endless inspiration can be found in every petal and leaf of a fresh bouquet or just outside during every season. Seeing someone else creating their art passionately, inspires me to explore new ideas or techniques. The people I share my life with, culinary arts, fashion design, floral photography, even cinema, the list is never-ending. Life is a viable source for inspiration, and I readily anticipate every new bout of creativity.

Yours truly,



2004 Started my career of a freelance makeup artist  

2011 Started my career of a freelance embroidery artist  

2015 Started own brand "ayumi"  

// Exhibition //   

2016-2017 Gunshu in Tokyo / Mie / Kobe, Japan   

2018 Gunshu in Los Angeles, USA   

2018-2019 Flowers in Morning light in Tokyo / Kyoto / Mie, Japan  

2020 Synchronicity in Tokyo, Japan

// Event //   

2017 the Arcade Japan in New York, USA  

2019 Sun and Stars Circus in Kyoto, Japan